Weight Loss Supplements

What You Should Know about Weight Loss Supplements

Wherever you look these days, it seems like you’ll always find any number of weight loss supplements, all of them claiming to be the most effective. Although it can be very tempting to try these supplements, especially if you have been battling excess weight for some time, the possible negative side effects may be too much to risk. While some weight loss supplements do seem promising, a larger number can actually do more harm than good. So, before you buy a diet pill, take time to review the following information on some of the more popular weight loss supplements in the market.

Hoodia is probably one of the most popular herbal weight loss supplements today. It is known as a natural appetite suppressant, but there haven’t been any clinical trials involving humans conducted as yet. The biggest problem with this supplement is that there is a large number of fake hoodia being sold worldwide. In fact, more than half of all hoodia weight loss supplements are the real thing at all.

Another popular weight loss solution is Fucoxanthin. This is an antioxidant naturally found in wakame, the seaweed that is used in making miso soup. Like Hoodia, Fucoxanthin hasn’t undergone clinical trials involving humans, but what seems very promising is that studies involving animals have shown that Fucoxanthin may target abdominal fat in particular. Since that happens to be the most common problem area, Fucoxanthin may soon find its way to the top of the list of popular weight loss supplements.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), naturally found in milk, is said to decrease fat and increase muscle. This may be why it has now been made available in the form of weight loss supplements as well. A word of caution, though: a component of many CLA weight loss supplements may worsen insulin sensitivity, so it may be best to wait for further research before using this supplement.

One thing is for sure, there are both a positive and a negative side to all weight loss supplements. In order to find the right one for your needs, it is best to consult your doctor or nutritionist before taking any pill.

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