Weight Loss Camps

A Brief History of Weight Loss Camps

The concept of weight loss camps first became reality when Camp Naponoch opened its doors in 1963. Although the camp closed its doors after only three years in operation, the concept of weight loss camps remained as a positive idea in the collective minds of a society plagued by rising obesity rates. The ensuring years saw a proliferation of spa-inspired weight loss camps for women. These camps used a very restrictive diet that limited caloric intake to 400-900 per day.

In 1973, the Green Mountain Fox Run brought weight loss camps to a whole new level when they pushed the theory that diets themselves actually cause obesity. This camp became an attractive alternative for women who wanted to lose weight and become healthier, instead of just losing weight to reduce their waistlines.

Today, adult weight loss camps have improvised on the concept further and now treat the totality of the individual, rather than focusing on decreasing the numbers on the scales. The new goal of these weight loss camps is to find a long-term solution to the problem through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and better self awareness. Many of these camps even offer on-going support even after their guests have completed their stay.

Modern adult weight loss camps offer a wide variety of services, often customized to address each guest’s specific needs. Both their meal and exercise plans are tailor-fit for each guest, and determining what specific behaviour or emotional problem may be the real cause of the obesity has become an essential part of the program in these weight loss camps. Guests are also assisted in developing a diet and exercise plan that will work well with their busy schedules once they leave camp.

One of the best things about today’s adult weight loss camps is that they are open year-round, so you can easily schedule your stay at a time when you are not quite so busy with work. Furthermore, these weight loss camps let their guests stay for as little as one week or as much as one month. The length of your stay will depend primarily on the amount of time and money that you can spare.

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