High Cholesterol Diet

High Cholesterol Diet – What You Need to Know

You have just been told that you have a very high cholesterol diet and that you need to lower your cholesterol levels in order to maintain a healthy weight as well as your overall health. Now, maybe you’re wondering, “What exactly is a high cholesterol diet and how can you lower your cholesterol levels?” The answers to these two questions may actually come as a surprise.

There is no exact answer to the first question for the simple reason that there is no such thing as a high cholesterol diet. Yes, you read that right. The term high cholesterol diet is a misnomer. Why? Because no matter how low or high the amount cholesterol content of your diet is, your liver will only make as much cholesterol as your body needs.

Cholesterol is probably one of the most maligned substances in medical history. Cholesterol is a naturally-occurring fat manufactured in our liver as one of the requirements for good overall health. In fact, both the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone oestrogen cannot be made without cholesterol. The amount of cholesterol in your blood, therefore, does not have anything to do with having a high cholesterol diet.

So, we come to the second question. Since we have determined that there is no such thing as a high cholesterol diet, then it becomes pointless to even try looking for ways to lower your cholesterol levels. In sum, having a high cholesterol diet is not much of a concern, as long as you are properly nourished and have enough Vitamin C and antioxidant intake, then you should be relatively healthy.

The reason why a high cholesterol diet is being touted as the culprit in several heart diseases is that an examination of people who died of myocardial infarction (MI) during the 20th century revealed arteries that were clogged up by high-cholesterol fatty deposits. Upon closer inspection, however, it was found that a high cholesterol diet isn’t the real culprit. What happens is that a lack of Vitamin C prohibits the body from forming new collagen to repair damaged cells. Cholesterol then attaches itself to the damaged cells in order to prevent blood loss.

Therefore, the presence of cholesterol in the arteries is actually a sign of the problem rather than the cause. And we would all do better to worry about getting enough Vitamin C into our diet rather than trying to avoid a high cholesterol diet. It is best to treat a high cholesterol diet like the myth that it truly is.

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