Diabetic Diet Plans

A Quick Look at Diabetic Diet Plans

If you are diabetic then you should know that a healthy lifestyle inclusive of regular exercise and a well-balanced diet is essential to your existence. If you are not diabetic, but someone close to you is, then it would be very helpful to know more about the proper diabetic diet plans and diabetes management. Here are a few points to remember in preparing diabetic diet plans.

First of all, you must remember that what, when, and how much you eat are all important factors that affect your blood glucose level. Therefore, good diabetic diet plans involve eating the same amount of food at about the same times each day. Your blood glucose level normally goes up after you eat. Diabetic diet plans require that you eat the same amount at the same times each day to ensure that your blood glucose levels do not change too much, too often. Diabetic diet plans also require that you limit your intake of fats and sweets and choose vegetables, fruit, starches, meat, milk, and yogurt instead. How much of each food type to consume depends on the amount of calories you need each day. It is also important NOT to skip any meals each day.

Proper diabetic diet plans for small women who exercise and medium-built women who want to lose weight requires a daily intake of about 1200-1600 calories. For large women who want to lose weight, small men with a healthy weight, and medium-built to large men who want to lose weight, diabetic diet plans should contain about 1600-2000 calories each day. Finally, diabetic diet plans with 2000-2400 calories a day are ideal for medium-built or large men as well as large women who exercise regularly. You may get advice from your doctor or diabetic nutritionist in drawing up a meal plan that suits your lifestyle.

In spite of the fact that diabetes is essentially a condition involving blood sugar regulation, diabetic diet plans do not necessarily involve sugar restriction. The only restrictions are those that are necessary in keeping a well-balanced overall diet. And more than just sticking to proper diabetic diet plans, it is equally important for diabetics to exercise and take medicines at the same times each day. Taking these precautions should help you ensure that diabetes does not hinder you from leading a normal and happy life.

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