Detox Diets

Breaking the Myths about Detox Diets

If you’ve been looking for the perfect weight loss solution then you’ve most probably heard about detox diets. Proponents of detox diets insist that our body is under constant assault from harmful toxins and that these toxins can accumulate over time, thus causing headaches and a wide variety of chronic diseases. Experts, however, warn that some of the most popular detox diets are actually worthless or even dangerous to your health.

Critics say that detox diets are just like any other fad diet in the sense that the weight loss gains you get from it are unsustainable. What’s worse is that extreme detox diets can cause some serious side effects in vulnerable individuals. Dawn Jackson-Blatner, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, complains about the fact that these diets give people a false feeling that they have somehow been protective of their health. The problem with this perception, she says, is that once the detox period is over, the dieters go right back to their usual eating habits.

Dr. Peter Pressman, a specialist at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, even says that the science behind detox diets is deeply flawed. He says that the body itself already has several systems in place that work perfectly at flushing out toxins within hours of consumption and that there is no solid evidence which proves that detox diets can somehow augment the body’s natural mechanisms.

Detox diets can even take a dangerous turn when it is used by vulnerable groups such as teenagers, seniors, and people with chronic medical conditions. This is because this type of diet can often cause malnutrition and these groups are especially vulnerable to intestinal and cardiac problems that usually arise from malnutrition.

Most detox diets require the dieter to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. This is probably the only part with which Jackson-Blatner agrees. The average person indeed has to drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables to ensure that the body’s natural detoxifying systems work properly. Taking these experts’ concerns and arguments into account, it may be safe to say that for as long as you maintain a healthy diet and ensure that you are properly nourished, detox diets are highly unnecessary.

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