Common Dieting Mistakes

If you were on a weight loss diet and you have noticed that the weight drops off but bounces back quickly, there is a chance that you are doing some of the below blunders.

Skipping Breakfast

‘Eat breakfast like a king’ that’s what the old says. It is a very common practice for many people to skip the breakfast. They feel that this is the simplest way to cut the calories. This may lead to adverse affects like unplanned snacking, eating large size lunch etc. If your breakfast is rich in protein and fibre, it can reduce your  hunger through out the day which helps to maintain healthy weight

Keep track of your nibbles

Even though you count the calories of the meals you are having, you generally don’t count all your nibbles in between. Like the a small piece of cake, or a small chips packet your shared with your friend, a nibble from a chocolate bar, or tasting the new flavor of ice cream your son is trying etc. All these nibbles can add up and could sabotage your diet plans. Keep track of all your nibbles.

Unintended frequent snacking

As mentioned above, mindless snacking can add to your waistline, planned and well calculated frequent snacks are very good. A protein rich snack keeps your metabolism in good shape. Nuts are very good snack as they are protein rich.

Low Fat Vs Low Calories

Low fat foods are not supposed to be low calories. There is a lot of difference between these two. Many people have a wrong perception that it’s fine to eat a lot of low fatty food but avoid fatty foods. One thing overlooked here is the calorie part. It is better to have a small portion of fatty food than eating a large or many portions of low fatty food. This will keep your calorie intake under control.

Too Many Calories in your drinks

Many people overlook the amount of calories in their drinks. This is a big mistake. There can be more than 500 calories in your fancy coffees and alcoholic drinks. Even your aerated drinks and fruit juices can add up to your calories. Even though you drink a lot of these juices and other beverages, it’s not going to curb your hunger and you still tend to eat the same quantity of food. Have a check on the calories of your drinks.

Drinking less water

This is a common dieting mistake people make. Not drinking enough water let yourself dehydrated and the metabolism drags and this means your weigh loss is slow. Water plays a major role in burning your calories. So it is very important to make sure that you drink at least 10 glasses of water a day

Avoiding diary products

Many dieters feel that it is essential to completely avoid milk, ice creams and other milk products. This is not true. Calcium helps to burn calories and this is proven by the researchers. If you feel that having calcium supplements will serve the purpose, you are wrong, they don’t appear to yield the same benefits. Its recommended to have low fat or non fat diary products.

Avoiding Exercise

Avoiding exercise is one of the biggest blunders you are doing while dieting. It is very essential to have regular exercise routine even though you are eating less. Swimming, biking, walking are very good exercises to burn calories. These out door activities will help to reduce the boredom of treadmill workouts. Spend enough time on any outdoor activities which you feel is very interesting.

No long term plan

Weighing yourselves every day and getting frustrated doesn’t make sense. Have a long term plan for your healthy living. Slow and steady wins the race. Have a short term plan of loosing 1-2 kgs per week and keep it realistic. Don’t push yourself to the brink. Don’t have over expectations and set huge and unrealistic targets. Don’t keep targets line loosing 10 kgs in first week etc. Need to have long term plan. Healthy living is not for short term.

Avoid unhealthy fast foods. People eating fast foods more than twice a week are likely to gain double weight than those who do less.

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